Writing Advice

Advice if You Wish to Become a Writer


Read as much as you can from a wide variety of sources. Seeing the written word in print, enables you to learn grammar and how to write good copy. A writer can only develop if they read on a regular basis.

Accept that it is your writing that is being criticised – not you!

Never take anything that is said to you about your writing personally. You need to grow as a writer and that can only happen if you listen to advice and act on it.


Discipline yourself to write on a regular basis. After a few weeks then the writing will become a habit.


Meet other writers. You can do this by embarking on writing courses. It is also a great idea to use social media to promote your writing. Twitter is the perfect place to discover other writers.


Participate in regular writing courses to improve your skills. You will also meet like-minded people from doing this. There are so many excellent online as well as college courses to join. I have done writing courses with Curtis Brown, Laura Jane Williams, as well as ones with the Bronte Society.