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Thank you for your interest in my blog Write on Ejaleigh!

The blog was started in August 2018.

I am a writer, a teacher, examiner and social media copywriter. I have been in education for over twenty-five years, for many I was a member of the Senior Leadership Team. I have written for online publications and magazines including Majesty, Cosmopolitan, Red, Goldie and The Primary Times as well as educational journals and I am a guest writer for the FAFF film festival and Ridings Educational Trust. I have had short stories published in a collection and I recently completed the first draft of a novel. My first book will come out in 2021.

I am frequently asked to review books and films for my blog and as a guest blogger. I was nominated for the UK Blog Awards in the Arts and Culture category. I have completed many writing courses including ones with Laura Jane Williams and Curtis Brown. I am an active member of The Brontë Society and I have undertaken research on the ‘Brontë Forgers’ with the Brotherton Library and the Brontë Parsonage Museum. I have a passionate interest in Royal history, especially since Queen Victoria. I have been a member of English Heritage and I am currently a member of Harewood House. I have an interest in the life and work of the playwright, Joe Orton. In 2017 I assisted Dr Emma Parker and the University of Leicester in putting on an exhibition at Nottingham National Museum of Justice to mark the fiftieth anniversary of his death.

I am a keen gardener and my garden has featured in many gardening magazines. I have a son with autism, and I give many talks to assist parents going through the EHC process. In 2013 I lost my brother to sudden adult death and I set up a charity in his name to support students in Higher Education from challenging backgrounds.

The topics I cover on my blog, range from my cultural passions such as The Bronte Sisters, English Literature, Royal History and music, to my interest in gardening and mental health. I also write about issues in education and special educational needs. My son has autism and I am an advocate for assisting parents in the nightmare process of gaining an EHC.

I am a redhead and much of my childhood was spent being chronically allergic to most fabrics and products. My allergies tended to fade as I grew older, however, now during my menopause, they have returned. I am always trying to find products that help to make the menopause less stressful and also enable me to carry on wearing makeup. I write about the menopause and I am eager to start conversations relating to this somewhat neglected subject.

I am first and foremost a writer. I believe in producing compelling yet clear copy, that educates and entertains. I discipline myself to write every day and I read from a wide variety of genres to improve my writing.