Blogmas Day 15: Affordable Luxury Simply Candles @simply.candles_ #HonestReview #Barnsley’sHiddenGems

This is part of my #HonestReview series. I do not receive any payment for these posts and so you can be assured that I only promote the things I genuinely love. I only work with businesses that I choose to. I do not do sponsored posts or affiliate links.

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I love scented candles and my husband buys me them for me as treats all the time. The trouble nowadays is that buying an expensive candle does not always equate to a candle that has a long-lasting scent.

A few months ago, I came across Simply Candles, owned by Debra Hay; a nurse who has recently established her own Barnsley-based candle and wax melt business. I was immensely impressed. The candles and wax melts are very reasonably priced and the scent and candles last ages.  To give an example of their lasting perfume, I have been burning the same wax melt for about four weeks now and it still smells good. The candles are a hundred per cent soy wax and there are over thirteen fragrances to choose from. I think what makes them seem so luxurious, is that Debra uses the best possible fragrance oils, as well as exceptional quality soy wax. These candles not only smell great, but they are affordable and also have an ethical rationale behind them, making them perfect for the environment.

I love to discover and support new and local businesses. Debra kindly agreed to an interview so that I could find out more about her candles and wax melts.

Why did you decide to start making candles and wax melts?

I used to make candles when I was about ten years old and actually won a competition at school for the best innovative idea for a stall. I won a £5 gift voucher. As I became older, life just took over and I stopped making them. About March this year, I felt like I needed a little more in my life apart from nursing. I decided to order a candle making kit and just gave them to family and friends. Feedback was so good that I dipped my toe into the water of selling them further afield. I have recently done my very first craft fair, and I am very proud of this step forward.

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How do you make the candles?

Making the candles (and wax melts) is incredibly technical.

  1. Choose the wax – I use golden soy wax 464. Choose the container – a tin or jar. Choose the appropriate wick for the container and then the fragrance.
  2. Measure wax out for container and melt it to 73-76 degrees.
  3. Add the fragrance. I leave the candles to cool and then pour slowly. They cool overnight until all the wax has hardened.

What scents do you make?

I use only 100% fragrance oil. This makes the scent last for a long time and you really can notice the difference.  I have a very wide range of fragrances.

Fresh linen, Kir Royale, Espresso Martini, Seychelles, Pomegranate Noir, Black Orchid, Watermelon Margarita, Rhubarb and Plum, Thai Lime and Mango, Baby Powder, La Vie est Belle, Oud, Aventos, Musk and Sandalwood, Mulled Wine, Spiced Berries, Vanilla Crème Brûlée and Mince Pie and Brandy.

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 What is unique about your products?

I use only soy wax because it is good for the environment and doesn’t give off any soot. I hand make and pour myself and my containers are all designed to be refilled and reused many times.

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What is the most popular fragrance?

To be honest, all the fragrances do really well. Many scents tend to be seasonal for example; mince pie and brandy at Christmas and Seychelles for Summer. My personal favourites are La vie est belle, Thai lime and mango, Black Orchid and Seychelles.

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Any plans to extend the range?

In the New Year, I hope to continue making candles and melts and try and make reed diffusers and car air fresheners.

What has feedback been like from customers?

Feedback is always really positive. Customers love the fragrances I use, as well as the packaging – Rose gold and silver tins and jars. I have a regular clientele, which is always good to keep me ticking along and customers love the many benefits of soy wax.

How do people order them and what price are they?

Customers message me through Facebook  or Instagram.  But I also have word of mouth customers. What I am especially proud of, is that people keep coming back for repeat orders.

People always say that my prices are very reasonable.

250ml Rose gold or silver tin candles £8

190ml Jars £6

Wax melts £2

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If you would like to buy any candles or wax melts from the range then message Debra Hay on Facebook here or Instagram here.

They make your house smell divine, as well as being great Christmas presents.

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