Writing is a Journey not a Destination

We are nearly at the end of #blogtober. I have written a blog post everyday for the past month and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the discipline of writing and posting.

I set up this blog to showcase my writing. Earlier this year I completed the first draft of my novel about a woman who becomes a victim of coercion and control. I’m going to edit the book early next year with an experienced editor. I needed time away from the novel, as sometimes it can be difficult to know how to change something if you are too far into it.

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I would never have written a book if it had not been for the experience I gained from writing courses. I have done two writing courses with Curtis Brown and two courses with Laura Jane Williams. If you are interested in writing yourself, then I really would recommend doing a course. Laura Jane Williams is a published author. She is incredibly likeable and enthusiastic http://www.superlativelyrude.com/p/courses.html  As her courses are online, then you can do the work in your own time. They are also quite reasonably priced. Unlike most writing courses, you receive feedback from Laura herself.

My writing career is now starting to take off. I’ve been given a small role as a guest writer for a film festival. I’ve also got a few articles coming out in magazines soon. But writing is very much a journey. It is not a destination. I’ve been writing for years but it has only been in the last couple of years that it has really taken off.

This week I have had two short stories published in a collection benefitting mental health charities. This was organised by Nev Raper, an incredibly generous and supportive writer himself. You can buy the paperback version of the book from Amazon. It is only £7.99 and all profits from the sales go towards Mental Health Charities.

You can buy the book from here


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Nev has also published his own collection of stories




That’s it for now. I will continue to blog as much as I can throughout November and you never know I may just try #Blogmas as well! Thank you for all of your comments, likes and support! I hope that you have enjoyed #Blogtober as much as I have.

Happy Halloween!


Jonny’s Famous Pumpkin – ready for Halloween. 

3 thoughts on “Writing is a Journey not a Destination

  1. Very impressive indeed. I do Shows and stuff like that, it’s all started small, and word of mouth and getting to know people makes things get better and better.

    Your writing thoughts have struck a chord with me and my Shows. It’s great when something you enjoy can grow and you can get so much more out of it.

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