Blogtober: Why I Think That Luck is Stupid. A Post by Sofia  

As it is #blogtober. I asked my family to write a guest post for me. This is by my beautiful and very clever daughter Sofia. 

Hello there! My name is Sofia and I am 11 (almost 12) and I was just thinking a few minutes ago about how I love black cats. Although you may think black cats give you bad luck, I feel the opposite.

When I was 6, I smashed a mirror, which was very silly on my part. I’ve told that story many times to all kinds of people. The reason I did it was purely out of curiosity. I stood on it to see if it could handle my weight. It did for a second. Then it broke. I cried for a while thinking I would have bad luck for a whole seven years, since that was what I had been told by my family, who are very superstitious. However, it turns out that I’ve always had the same ‘luck’ in my entire life. I’ve had my ups and I’ve had my downs.

Only the other day, I was in drama and we had to answer the register with our favourite animal. Lately, I have been completely obsessed with cats – probably because of ‘Miraculous Ladybug’- and have been begging for two more but sadly we cannot get any more. If I were to be completely honest, I feel as though cats that have mostly black fur are more likely to be my favourite, since I have grown up with black cats. Most people say that black cats are unlucky, especially on Friday the thirteenth and obviously Halloween.  Yet I have never had anything weird happen on any of these days and I have always thought that Halloween is pretty pointless.


For the past year or so I have been wearing my Christmas jumper all year around because it’s so simple. I love Christmas. Many people have made fun of me for it, said it’s bad luck and many other things. However I simply just ignore all of these people being mean to my happiness. That is why I am constantly blurting out ‘Jingle Bells’ and when I’m tired and bored in the car I start humming or quietly singing ‘Silent Night’. The reason is simple: I love Christmas. Not just the present, and the fact that you have an excuse to eat tons of Chocolate but I love the decorations and the mood but most importantly the weather in England – unpredictable. This is why I love to keep the spirit running all year round not because I want to scare people who are superstitious.

Throughout my entire life I have always had one belief to do with luck; it’s not really got anything to do with luck. I have always thought that if you believe that each day is a new start and you are the only one who can decide your luck.

So, next time you get scared of the number 666 or daren’t walk under a ladder, just think, is it really going to do that much harm or is that just all a bunch of Bob Pancakes? Obviously if you are someone who is suspicious and believes in bad luck and certain things can lead to having bad luck or good luck, then carry on doing that if you like. Of course, it’s all up to you!

Sofia x

One thought on “Blogtober: Why I Think That Luck is Stupid. A Post by Sofia  

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you Sofia about Black cats; or Blackies as I call them. Sadly I lost my lovely black girl Duffy in June this year. It was a terrible shock she was only 8 years old but she was such a cuddly fluffy and pretty girl with a really super bushy tail. Let’s just say #blackcatsforever They’re so special!! Good blog Sofia x

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