Aroma Holiday Candles – An Everyday-Luxury – #HonestReview

Over the past year I have set myself a discipline of writing a thousand words each day. This discipline enabled me to complete my first novel Control Alt Delete earlier this year. I am still in the very lengthy process of editing it. As a mother of two children, I am always busy and I also work part-time. So, it is something of a struggle to complete my allocated wordcount each day. However, every day I set myself a sort of ritual where I put on a candle, turn off my phone and spend a couple of hours solidly writing. For me these hours are pure self-indulgence. Thus, it makes sense that I am mindful of creating the right atmosphere conducive to work.

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I have always been obsessed with scent and smells and so it is inevitable that I love candles. Over the years I have tried out many different brands, but my favourite brand must be Aroma Holiday Candles. I was first introduced to them from a beautiful florist’s shop called Spirit in Barnsley. The owner, James, has the most exquisite taste and he stocks a range of these candles along with reed diffusers and wax melts. I tend to buy the travel tins as I can have them burning in my study or on the table whilst writing, as well as on windowsills and on bookshelves.

The company was founded by Mark Jordan in 2012. Mark has travelled extensively throughout the World and he noticed that every place that he visited appeared to have its own unique scent. Originally, he started on his kitchen table making just five scents. There are now eighteen different scents.  The company is global and has its own website

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Handmade in Yorkshire, the candles cover all essential elements such as spicy, floral, woody, citrus, sweet and earthy. Each candle is named after a city. There are the spicy scents of Bangkok, right through to the romantic scents of Paris. My absolute favourites are Valencia which is a mix of Bergamot, Grapefruit and sandalwood and Hawaii, which is a mix of coconut, pineapple and palm. There are so many different fragrances to try though and it really is a case of being spoilt for choice.

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The candles in tins last at least thirty-five hours of burning time and the deluxe range last for over a hundred hours. From the first burn until the very last, the candles maintain their intensity of fragrance. I think they make great gifts as they are beautifully packaged. The candles have recently been featured in The Sunday Times Magazine Travel Hotlist and have also been given the seal of approval from Frontier Magazine; the travel retail news.  I am a real convert to these candles and I know that once tried, you will be too!

You can currently receive 20% off the price of some candles with the code SUMMER20

Their website is



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