I am a writer, a teacher and an examiner.

I write everything from non-fiction articles on educational issues, autism and gardening to social media strategies and fictional writing. I recently completed my first novel; Control. Alt. Delete. It’s an inspirational story of a woman who becomes a victim of coercion and control and how she manages to escape and survive.

I believe that education is a lifelong process and so I am a voracious reader and I enjoy taking part in writing courses to improve my technique.

I love gardening as it helped me to overcome the severe depression I suffered from after losing a close family member to sudden death. My garden was originally a pile of builders’ rubble in a new-build house. After five years it has become my oasis and refuge. Gardening to me is a great stress reliever as well as an outdoor gym.

I love English literature and I have loved the Brontes since I was three years old. I’m also a great fan of Joe Orton. My other loves are royal history, stately homes, fashion, Leigh Bowery and the late great Frank Sidebottom. I even have a lifesize replica of his papier mache head!

I’m married and I live with my husband, two children and two cats, Barbara and Mittens in South Yorkshire.  I’m a champion of autism and I advise parents who are going through the EHC system.  I’ve been a teacher in a wide range of roles in a variety of educational settings for over twenty-five years. I love teaching and if I can pass on my love of literature and writing then I am happy!EBASFORD2

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